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Bidding with Palisade

Subcontractor Prequalification

Palisade utilizes an industry-leading electronic bidding process.

ConstructHub includes a web-based communication portal, referred to as Digi-Bid, to communicate with subcontractors, suppliers and consultants during the bidding and estimating phases of preconstruction. 

Palisade dynamically selects subcontractors to solicit bids and distributes the invitation and project scope via email.  Subcontractors respond electronically, using a PIN for security, and submit pricing and bid details to Palisade using Digi-Bid.

As clarification of the scope of work and addendums to the construction documents occur, bidding parties receive immediate notification electronically, keeping all stakeholders up-to-date in real time.

Digi-Bid is part of the ConstructHub on-line project management toolset.


Palisade works only with experienced, reputable subcontractors and suppliers.  Palisade seeks to align with partners who share a similar mission and values, and begins by pre-qualifying interested organizations prior to extending invitations to bid projects.


Interested in pre-qualifying as a subcontractor with Palisade?  Complete and return the pre-qualification form to begin the process.

Palisade Bid Calendar



Received invitations to bid from Palisade?  Download the current month bid calendar for your planning purposes.



Sign up to have Palisade Bid Calendars automatically distributed to you as they are updated:


Questions on a bid?  Contact Palisade Bid Manager for assistance.

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